Liberal Arts and World of Work

IDIS 191

This course focuses on building each student’s awareness and understanding of the interconnectedness of their UMW Liberal Arts education; their values, interests, personality, strengths, and skills; and their personal and professional growth. Using the core tenets of Design Thinking, students will reframe how they find what they want to do now, and how to answer who they want to grow into. Using the book Designing Your Life, students will actively engage with the 5 Design Thinking mind-sets: Be Curious, Bias for Action, Reframe Problems, Know that Life is Process, and Ask for Help. Other topics covered in the course include building their immunity to failure, focusing on the here and now, NOT following passion, and choosing happiness. The course is appropriate for any undergraduate student who wants to feel more confident in their personal and professional development.


Meta Reflection
Odyssey Plan