I want to play a game…1

Throughout history, there have been moments of booming technological innovation. The Neolithic Revolution. The Stone, Copper and Bronze, and Iron Ages. The Industrial Revolution. The 20th Century, in general. All turning points in the history of technology — as it is traditionally defined.

But what about the lesser-acknowledged/recognized “organic technology”? What about nature? What about the technological advancement from out of the oceans and out of Africa? What about humanity? Are we not technology? Are we not created from nature herself? Are we not simply organic tools? What makes us so different from machines that make machines? Are we “better” simply because we have consciousness or sentience? Why do we strive to unshackle ourselves from a label that we otherwise laud?

Maybe we are above it all. After all, we’ve conquered nature, haven’t we? We can demolish mountains and change the natural flow of water. Just as we cut down billions of trees, we can plant tens of millions. Are we not the makers of our world? We shape it as it needs to be shaped to fit our lives; as we have since the dawn of man.

And so here we are at the game. Below are images of technologies of old. Look at them; suss them out. What are they? What are their purposes? What are their essences? What is the contemporary adjacent of each, or do they perhaps not have one? Click the image to play a game to help you deduce what the old technologies are by showing their contemporary partner. The button below the image will reveal the answers and little info about them.

How have the technologies changed with time? Are their essences the same now as they were then? How has the progression of time affected the development of these pieces? Think critically, act honorably, and learn you a little something!

I assume nothing: I anticipate the possibilities and I let the game play out.
If you’re good at anticipating human mind… it leaves nothing to chance.2

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